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PDR Training in Montreal

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PDR Training in Montreal

Postpar Ghassanjar » 30 sept. 2012, 01:18

I did my PDR Training almost 10 years ago I did work for a few month and I was good at it but for some reasons I had to give it up , now after almost 10 years I have decided to go back to PDR but I need a training school or a PDR tec in Montreal Quebec to train me and put me back on track, if anyone knows where to get help please let me know

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Re: PDR Training in Montreal

Postpar Débosseleur » 01 oct. 2012, 09:23

Hi there,

Your in the right forum for PDR information in (French language) but you wont get much of a response for your question here because "debosselagesanspeinture.net" is intended to be a French national PDR comunity forum.

We are up to date with the French PDR news and can advise in many ways the French newbis here in France !

I think that your best bet would be to get in contact with a local PDR technician near you and ask if he can recommend you a PDR training school in Montreal Quebec.

The best way to get PDR contacts in your country / city is by searching GOOGLE.CA and typing "paintless dent montreal quebec" I'm sure that you will find what your looking for...

Have a good day
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